About Me

I am a developer in California. I know a lot about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. I am currently learning some Unity. The code school that I go to and really enjoy learning at is Hackingtons. If you want to see what I do, you may check out some things below, or check out my Hackingtons profile. I really like developing software. It is my hobby that I really enjoy.

Project Showcase

Media Network ⭐

This is a Python project that uses Django. Find the easter eggs if you want to. You can post on it, but not remove the content on it. Please do NOT post inappropriate content.
Login details:
Username: TrialUser
Password: hackingtons123

Software that I use

Text editors and IDEs

Visual Studio Code

Download | AUR

A great IDE for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. This is the main IDE that I use.



An amazing game engine that is very powerful.

Web Browsers


Download | Package

A web browser with more features than Brave, although Brave has some of its own unique features.

Brave Browser

Download | AUR

A great web browser that blocks ads and trackers. Even Mozilla Firefox is less private than Brave (by default).

Operating Systems

Arch Linux


I use arch btw
Arch is a great Linux distribution that is minimal and lightweight. Unlike Gentoo, you don't need to compile your kernel from source (thankfully).

Windows 11

Download (idk why you would want to)

Bad, looks like garbage, spies on you, you name it. It is the worst OS in my opinion. Preforms like garbage. Idk why you would want to even touch it. I haven't used it in months lol.

Crypto Currencies


Download | AUR

Do I need to explain?
Please donate to me: DLpmtw5RSAgmTYRAUxGTjKjM4HZCJ6qtGn

My Computer's Specifications

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7700X @ 4.5GHz Base & 5.4Ghz Boost

GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060

RAM: 4x8GB (32GB total) DDR5

DISPLAYS: 2x AOC 4k 60Hz Monitors

STORAGE: (Total: 13TB)
  • 1TB NVME SSD (Linux)
  • 1TB NVME SSD (Windows/Bubonic Plague)
  • 4TB HDD (Backups & Games)
  • 5TB USB HDD (General Files)
  • 2TB USB HDD (General Files)

My Skills

  • Python: 100%

  • HTML: 70%

  • CSS: 75%

  • JavaScript: 95%

  • Unity: 25%

  • Java (Spigot/Paper plugins for Minecraft) 10%

  • Java: 80%

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    Bitcoin: bc1qmghvr6pxz6zcarvvajq2cf8ykh4rkn2qaeefy4

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    Copyright (c) 2022 AndrewD1@Hackingtons


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